Friday 13 January 2012

ISNA and Deaf Muslim Family Conference

The Islamic Society of America recently co-sponsored the Deaf Muslim Family conference:

"As a part of ISNA's ongoing efforts to provide quality education to the community about Islam and create environments in our mosques and Islamic centers that are inclusive and empowering to all, ISNA co-sponsored the Deaf Muslim Family conference last weekend in Virginia. Current and past ISNA Presidents Imam Mohamed Magid and Dr. Ingrid Mattson both spoke at the event, organized by Global Deaf Muslim, and have been very active in their own communities to make them more inclusive.

Imam Magid stressed the importance for our leaders and communities to make it a highest priority to develop programs and accommodations, such as a sign language interpreter during Friday prayers, to better include our deaf community members. Many of them currently attend prayers without the ability to hear and learn from the knowledge that is passed along each Friday.

Dr. Mattson spoke about the Islamic perspective on deafness and the role that our community should play with respect to deaf Muslims. In particular, she notes our responsibility as people of faith to protect the diverse needs of our communities by reflecting that diversity in our leadership. Our ability to see the needs of others is limited by our own perspective, she says, therefore, if our leadership is not reflective of our diverse community, many people's needs will continue to go unnoticed and unfilled."

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