Wednesday 31 March 2010

The Guardian Getting Hijab Curious

I was surprised to find that even the Guardian has gotten into the hijab fashion fray with their gallery entitled "Three great hijab-friendly looks", although to be honest not very much in the gallery felt very hijab-friendly or particularly gorgeous:

The Guardian also carries an article from March 2009 by the wonderful Jana Kossaibati of Hijab Style who does know how to put an outfit together mash'Allah. In "It's a wrap!" Jana explores the trends that hijabi's interpret and how sisters keep what they wear halal and hijab-friendly without compromising their style:
"Browsing through the rails at Topshop's Oxford Circus store, there are plenty of vest tops and micro-shorts, but not much in the way of long-sleeved, thigh-length tops. That's to be expected, I guess. So I head to Uniqlo, where I know I can find plenty of long-sleeved cardigans. In Dorothy Perkins I spot a floral tunic I've had my eye on for ages (flowers being big this season) and a purple maxi-skirt. It turns out to be not quite so maxi though, so it is cast aside in favour of (yet another) striped scarf that I can use as a hijab. On the street younger girls are already sporting bright headscarves, which reminds me to dig mine out of my wardrobe"

Monday 22 March 2010

Campaign set up to get Muslims to vote

The BBC reports that leading Muslim scholars have given their backing to a campaign to try to get more people from their community to vote in the general election. A Get out and Vote website has been put together in a strategy to encourage Muslims to make it to the ballot box:

"A Get out and Vote website has been put together in a strategy to encourage Muslims to make it to the ballot box. There is a large population of Muslims living in 50 UK parliamentary seats.

Imam Abu Eesa Niamatullah told the BBC Asian Network: "Despite the fact we have large numbers we are not making our presence felt." It is expected that this year's election will be a close contest and Imam Abu Eesa from the Prophetic Guidance Project says the Muslim vote could be a key factor. "

You can read the full article here.