Friday 9 December 2011

Tufaan: Muslims and the Hurricane Katrina Experience

Tufaan is a documentary about the Hurricane Katrina experience. It talks about Muslims who experienced it and who were involved in the relief work after the disaster.

The website for the documentary states:

"Muslims are portrayed in the media as people who cause disasters. What they don’t portray are the Muslims who are always in the forefront of relief efforts whenever disasters strike. Tufaan wants to shed light on stories that were never covered in mainstream media.

Tufaan, which is Arabic for “Great Storm” is documentary relating personal stories from some of the survivors and relief workers of Hurricane Katrina. This documentary tells their stories of loss, despair, confusion, happiness and hope starting from the events leading up to the hit of the hurricane, to the destructive aftermath.

Tufaan will be the first of its kind– highlighting the different Islamic values that can be learned through these difficult situations.

Meet the heroes who helped the people and the stories they had to tell. And most of all, prepare for tomorrow."

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