Saturday 19 February 2011

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day - A Muslim Response

Muslim Response have creaed a video in response to "Draw Muhammad Day". The website states:

"You may wonder, why touch on an event over and done with? Muslim Response conceptualized during the furor of the “Everybody draw Prophet / Muhammed day” campaign. The fervour of the whole campaign left many bewildered, not completely sure why the Muslim population framed the event as “an attack” on an important personality of the faith. This video aims to bring clarity around the issue, giving you a crystal clear glimpse of the Muslim psyche, clarifying why this event was deciphered by Muslims as akin to being an attack on their identity. The purpose of this video is thus to aid as a deterrent for any future campaigns surrounding this topic."

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I will help to spread the word too, Insya'Allah :)