Monday 28 February 2011

American Muslim Mom Relaunched - Bigger and Better

American Muslim Mum has been re-launched with a massive make-over by Sister Ponn Sabra. The current site has numerous giveaways and competition prizes for visitors, so it is worth heading over for a visit to find out how you can visit.

Sister Ponn has been busy herself, encouraging her children to succeed at their education. At the age of 6, 8 and 9, all Sabra’s girls were accepted to Stanford University's Education Program for Gifted Youth, testing into gifted classes and grade levels which far exceeded the standard for their age. By nine years old, Sabra's oldest had skipped most of high-school, tested into AP Physics and Honors Algebra 2, and was an award-winning inventor. However, unlike some mothers, she didn't force her children into those classes just to have impressive material on their transcripts.

Having already been published in magazines, featured on other blogs, and aiding in search engine optimization as they helped relaunch American Muslim Mom, through YouTube video production, blog publicity campaigns, and publishing content; the three Sabra have also launched their business, thanks to the support and encouragement of their mother.

The key to multifaceted parenting, Sabra explains, is remembering “There's a little flavor for every kind of Mom you have to be, but the unique spices come from Faith, Family, and every other “F”, like Friends, Fun, and being Fabulous.”

You can find free information on balancing a multifaceted parenthood from her recently available eBook, “Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom”, available at American Muslim Mom, where she also publishes her advice on being an active social-media mom, maintain a green and financially smart lifestyle, and more. is a diverse online community which hosts, on average, as many Muslim mothers as non-Muslim motherss in active daily discussions.

Ponn Sabra is a highly-prolific public health official-turned-best-selling author, internet marketer, and columnist who has been featured in the Associated Press, Washington Post, Fox, ABC News and other major media outlets.
Do head over to American Muslim Mom to see how you can benefit insh'Allah.You can find Sister Ponn's Youtube channel here and her Facebook page here.

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  1. Assalam-alaikam Sister Zarina,
    very kind of you, jazakh'Allah-khair.
    At some point I will have a go at this meme over at my blog insh'Allah

  2. As-salamu alaykum dear sister Umm Salihah.
    Jazaka Allahu Khayrun for sharing my resources with your readers! I look forward to reading more of your posts,inshaAllah.
    Wa salam,
    Your sister in Islam Ponn