Sunday 19 December 2010

Muslim School Assists Neighbouring Ailing School

The Independent (10 November 2010) writes about how the Tauheedul Islam Girls' School in Blackburn,one of the country's first state-funded Muslim schools, is helping it's neighbouring secular school. Blakewater College has traditionally is in another part of the city and has been described as having a "chequered past", having problems with behaviour and exam performance:

"But now Tauheedul is helping Blakewater turn itself round. It is the first time that a Muslim school has been asked to perform a rescue act on a non-faith state school, but the experiment is already paying dividends.

After only eight months the percentage of pupils gaining five A* to C grade passes at Blakewater has risen from 11 per cent to 26 per cent.

Alan Chambers, head of Blakewater College for the past year, said the link with Tauheedul – led by its principal, Hamid Patel – had helped immeasurably. "Hamid is a Blackburn lad and there is no doubt that he wants to put something back into the wider community that both of us serve," Mr Chambers said.

The college now assesses the performance of pupils as soon as they arrive, giving them extra support if they fall short. It has also approached parents to get them more involved in the process – a tactic previously honed by their colleagues across the city."

You can read the full article here.

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