Sunday 6 June 2010


LikeMedia is a website that is dedicated to providing 'A fresh approach' to Islam and issues surrounding it. They describe their objective as being:

"to create a virtual portal of high quality Islamic knowledge for the online community. The project was initiated by university graduates who had a vision that Islamic knowledge should be imparted to all; each generation, each individual and each audience should be able to refer to knowledge at greater ease than is currently available. A lot of wisdom is shared across platforms across universities, mosques, youth projects and the like through various channels. Talks, courses and conferences take place on a regular basis and attract strong crowds, but how many of those preserve and display that knowledge that they have gained visually? How do we prevent all of these wise words being lost? How do we make that information accessible to all and not only reserved for those who had the means to attend the talk? That is when decided to embark on this journey of presenting the cyber world with videos of talks, courses and conferences that had been organised through their work from the past, present and future."

The website features lectures, nasheeds and conversion stories from well know Muslims and "words and wisdom video's like the one here by Baba Ali.

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