Monday 10 May 2010

Modest Fashion from Chechnya

Trendhunter magazine has a curious article about the a fashion show in Chechnya showcasing modest designs:

The local Chechen government commissioned the Arzhiyeva sisters to create Muslim-inspired fashion, then showed it in Grozny last week. The Arzhiyeva sisters designed Eastern-inspired floor-length gowns in jewel-toned colors with accents of heavy embroidery and metallic trims. Complete with hijab-framed faces, the ensembles are reminiscent of medieval fairytale gowns.

The Arzhiyeva sisters’ creations were shown in Grozny, Chechnya, where Islamic extremism has fueled separatist wars with Moscow. The medieval fairytale gowns are part of the designers’ second fashion show collection. Perched on the front row, Kadyrov and his wife enthusiastically clapped as 25 dark-haired Chechen models paraded the flowing dresses which completely cover the arms and are pinched at the waist with shimmering cords. They sell for $3,000 a piece in Grozny’s most luxurious boutique.

“To find something modest amongst European clothes shops is so difficult, this is refreshing,” said Mizana Aliyeva, 28, one of 700 guests at the show, entitled “You are in heaven.”

Read the article and see the pictures here and here.

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