Monday 15 February 2010

Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse

One year on from the brutal murder of Aasiya Zubair Hassan, general manager and co-founder of Bridges TV at the hands of her husband, a group of American Muslims launched the Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse organisation. The group states that:

"Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse (MMADA) is an organization dedicated to domestic tranquility. By joining our group, you make a commitment never to engage in, support, or remain silent about the physical, psychological, and emotional abuse of Muslim and non-Muslim women and children.

We aim to provide educational resources and serve as a tool for advocacy. Recognizing that domestic abuse is a symptom of much larger social, institutional, and individual pathologies, we seek to identify and eradicate its root causes. We do so with the belief that our religion calls us to stand for justice and reject all forms of oppression.

Despite our focus on women and children, we recognize that the victims/survivors of domestic abuse include men, and that this is a phenomenon that should not be ignored or overlooked. And though we are an organization comprised of men, we reject the notion that men are the exclusive arbiters of morality."

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Thier initiatives include raising awareness of the issue and encouraging imams to discuss the problem during their Friday khutbahs (sermons).

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