Sunday 10 January 2010

Time Comment on Banning Niqab

Times columnist India Knight has commented (10 January 2010) on how advances to "Banning the burqa unveils some nasty traits in us". The writer still seems to have a massively difficult tiem believing that a Muslim woman might choose to wear hijab of her own accord, indeed that she might even have the intelligence to make such a decision. Even so, she makes some good points:

"I find this whole subject uncomfortable because I don’t really know what I think; I change my mind constantly. I start off, as most people would, from the point of view that everyone should be allowed to wear what they like, regardless of how peculiar it might strike others as being, without being dictated to.

The Muslim world was inventing mathematics and architecture when the French were practically still trolls, grunting away in the mire and not looking forward to the annual rinse of the armpits. There are many things wrong with the Muslim world but the idea that its ordinary, non-bonkers, non-extremist millions need to be “civilised” into knowing what’s what sticks in the craw."

You can read the whole article here.

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