Sunday 24 January 2010

Ambreen Sadiq - Aiming for Olympic Gold

The Times (21 January 2010) carries an article on Ambreen Sadiq a young Muslimah boxer who is also featured in Channel 4's

But Ambreen Sadiq, a 15-year-old schoolgirl from Bradford, has overcome opposition in her community to win her latest fight and aim for the 2016 Olympics.

Hailed tonight as a “pioneer” by the Amateur Boxing Association, Ambreen has already won the national female championship for her age and weight.

Her father, Shokit Ali Sadiq, who has encouraged her since childhood, said he had predicted since she was a baby that she would become a boxer. “Nobody would believe me.”

Ambreen said: “I know you should not show your arms and legs off but I am not doing it so I can show my arms and legs off to the whole world. I am doing it so I can enjoy boxing. It is what I want.”

Martin Utley, regional coach for the Amateur Boxing Association, said she was one of the top female boxers in Britain: “There are other Muslim girl boxers but not at this competitive level. She is pioneering as far as Muslim girls are concerned in boxing.”

You can read the full article here.

You can view the Channel 4 documentary Ambreen: The Girl Boxer here.

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  1. I don’t get the whole media thing surrounding that girl. Omit to mention that she’s a muslim and then it just become the case of a 15yrs old teenager who’s a (good) boxer.
    “She is pioneering as far as Muslim girls are concerned in boxing.” And she’s a pioneer of what exactly? She’s not the first girl to achieve top level as a boxer. She’s certainly a pioneer in not respecting the Islamic dress code.
    Had she worn a hijab and long pants, yes, she might have been “pioneering” but as it is, I’m afraid, she is not. Well at least, not in my eyes.
    She might be good at what she does but it would be nice if everyone could just forget that she’s a muslim. Had she been a Christian, the media might not have look twice at her achievement.
    No wonder some people have negative views of women in abaya or burqa (or simply the hijab – veil ) if they consider a girl in shorts and tight top a “pioneer” . Well, she doesn’t represent me as a muslimah. I’m sorry if I sound harsh, and I know that I should not be judgemental, but I can only pray for her to find her way. May Allah guide her. I don’t think that what she’s doing is right and I certainly don’t think she should ( & hope she won’t ) become a “role model” for muslim girls.
    And with regards the fact that she “had to overcome opposition from her community”, well of course she would. I am assuming that most muslim women do not view boxing as the ideal sport for girls and frown at the fact that she’s bearing arms and legs.
    Salaam sister. Jazzakallah khayr for sharing this article.

  2. Assalam-alaikam Sister Maz,
    whilst I share some of your opinions, this post is an example of a Muslimah achieving and not a judgement on whether what she does is right or not. So many people cannot seem to believe that a Muslimah can do much more than walk around looking miserable and being oppressed, sometimes its nice to see an alternative.

    I have to say too, I like the idea of a modest, charitable, pious, kind, brave Muslimah. But sometimes I just like the idea of a Muslimah who could knock your teeth out (can you guess I get fed up of people assuming I am oppressed?)

  3. Slm alkm sister,
    Yes, I get your point. It's nice to read something a little bit more uplifting however, it saddened me that girls like Ambreen are seen as progressive, liberated and "in" whereas us, abaya wearing sisters are seen quite differently.
    But I do get your point.

  4. There are many boxers from Bahrain, Qatar, Iran and they cover their arms and legs and do wear hijab only, under the rule of boxing there is a place of hijab and covering arms then why not do it? I know it effects on the weight, boxer need to be as light as possible so they dont run out of energy. But I dont see stamina plays a big role in female boxing. I wish sister followe other muslim boxer sister's and dress accordingly as required in Islam. Jezak Allah. I still support her for her courage and enshallah she will be successful

  5. stheel... its nothing to do with you.. Instead of criticising some one why not look at the positives... Idiots like you give us muslims a bad name