Thursday 10 December 2009

CLG Reports: Understanding Muslim Ethnic Communities

Communities and Local Government have issued a series of reports on British Muslims as part of the Understanding Muslim Ethnic Communities research project. Communities and Local Government commissioned the Change Institute in 2008 to carry out the research which was done through collation of data from the 2001 Census, surveys, and through a number of focus groups and interviews with community members.

The research provides an insight into thirteen of the most significant Muslim ethnic diaspora communities in England with seperate reports on Somali, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Algerian, Moroccan, Afghan, Nigerian, Indian, Saudi Arabian, Turkish and Turkish-Cypriot, Egyptian, Irani and Iraqi communities in Britain. The reports include information on the context for migration, what is known about demographics, the socio economic status of communities, ethnic and religious identities, young people and intergenerational issues, nature and type of civil society development.

You can access the full list of reports here.

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