Saturday 19 December 2009

Active Muslimah’s: Faila Pasic-Bisic

I came across two posts written about sister Faila Pasic-Bisic at the Bosnian Hijab blog (here and here) where she is described as:

"Muslim care worker, daughter of Bosnian parents...born in Slovenia. For the last ten years, she has been travelling around the world, promoting tolerance and compassion, protection of the environment, coexistence of all religions, nations cultures and social others. She is also initiator of numerouos humanitarian aid projects, as well as activities promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding. She is also doing voluntary service in Bosnian, Kosovan, African, palestinian refugee camps. She has earned recognition from various social, healthcare, political personages. She has been awarded the best Volonteer 2006, Humanist of the year 2007, Face of the European year of equal opportunities for all 2007, and nominated for Slovenian women of the year 2008 and Young European 2008."

I thought this young woman was a wonderful role-model for young (and older) sisters to learn from and be indpired by.

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