Tuesday 1 September 2009

Sister Khadija Bradley On Niqab

I came across this beautifully written article about wearing niqab at Sister Khadija Bradley's blog (I found the link in a post on Indigo Jo's blog):

"Spiritually I now feel niqaab is my safety blanket. If I loose it I loose it all. Such deep feelings stem from the meaning niqaab now has to me. I mentioned how wearing niqaab I feel anonymous, and this gives me freedom. In a society where so much emphasis is placed on identity and in particular the face, many sisters deem wearing niqaab totally inappropriate. How can those who place so much value on the face cope with the niqaab, a small piece of fabric. A classic hadith that is used in tazkiyah or tassawuf goes along the lines of the Prophet SWS saying ” Travel in the world as if you are a stranger”. The main interpretation being that we should be so far from the dunya that we are a stranger to it. For me by wearing niqaab I become that stranger. I travel through the world detached from it.

So here I am saying that I love the niqaab because it isolates me from others. But surely as social human beings it can be lonely?? Another general principle in tazkiyah or tassawuf as well as expressed in many ahadith is that being alone is better than having bad company. And having good company is better than being alone. By wearing niqaab yes I am lonely but I dont have the bad company. Because the bad company is repelled by the niqaab. Those who are able to get past the niqaab, and communicate to me, both muslims and the odd non-muslim have some morals or good qualities to them that make them good company. For the non-muslims they have a perception, an open-mindedness and questioning mind which will inshaAllah lead them down to accepting Islam. I need not explain muslims being good company for them being muslim in the first place gives them these good qualities."

It's always good to hear about niqab from the women who wear it mash'Allah rather than everybody else who seems to have an opinion. Read the full article here.


  1. InshaAllah you will write and share our effort to support our sisters who wear niqaab:


    BarakAllah fiikum

  2. I have never felt lonely as a niqabi. I've been fortunate that my good non-Muslim friends have stayed my friends and there are a few other niqabi's at my masjid.